Put the Lime in the Coconut EO Party

So! We had a lot of fun the other night at my Lime in the Coconut Party! I did at least! I hope everyone who came and got some info on these amazing oils also enjoyed it! I thought I would share some of the stuff I made to make it extra lime-in-the-coconuty!

LITC Party 1-18

I definitely cut up more than a few limes!

LITC Party 1-17

Now, even though it was meant to be a margarita party as well…everyone just seemed to come for the oils, and we didn’t even fire up the ol’ margaritaville! But everyone did seem to enjoy the lavender lime-ade!

LITC Party 1-21  LITC Party 1-20  LITC Party 1-22

  LITC Party 1-19

While slicing up some limes to put in the jug I decided to give candied limes a shot. I’ve tried candied lemons with pretty much no success a few times…but I have a hard time letting things go…

LITC Party 1-27 LITC Party 1-28

LITC Party 1-29

Now, it did suggest blanching them first…and I probably should have gotten the sugar up to temperature more because it stalled since I kept fiddling with the limes…so yet again it didn’t work. I still used them as decor, you’ll see them in there later. They still tasted super pithy, and the sugar got caramelly without getting to hard crack (which is where I wanted it…) Oh well! Maybe next time ;0)

LITC Party 1-1

Next up on my list was key lime mousse pie with coconut crust! Oh my heavens…good!

LITC Party 1-2

I zested and juiced the limes

LITC Party 1-4

But then I found out I was out of powdered sugar!!

LITC Party 1-6

So I brought out my coffee grinder…

LITC Party 1-7

And my all-too-empty organic cane sugar…

LITC Party 1-8

and viola! Powdered sugar.

LITC Party 1-10

And I’m sharing this picture just to stress, if using corn starch make sure it’s organic…you don’t want those GMOs in your fantastic homemade creations! Also…because it showcases my awesome tidiness skills!

LITC Party 1-11

So this was the lime curd, and on it’s own it was amazing!! But then I folded in whipped cream to make it a “mousse” and…OH…MY…GOODNESS! It was SOOO good!!

LITC Party 1-9

More fun photos of how not messy I am when I’m in the kitchen! Oh wait…that’s not true! And that’s why my hubs needs to stay far away when I’m baking because his OCD makes it impossible for him to not freak out when watching me! :0)

LITC Party 1-25

Toasting the coconut was pretty fun, it needed constant turning, but once it started to brown it was pretty cool to watch the color change so quickly! It’s the little things in life you guys ;0)

LITC Party 1-26

It needed to firm up in the fridge to stick together, but this was a nice crust! Vanilla wafers, toasted shredded coconut, and butter…yummy!

LITC Party 1-12

So whenever I make a curd, or a custard, or anything that calls for egg yolks only, I like to make meringues as well. So I whipped up the egg whites…

LITC Party 1-15

Added some lime zest and coconut shreddings

LITC Party 1-16

And piped some meringues!

Well……I keep seeming to forget that this is not the way meringues work. So these leaked and deflated, and did not work at all. So I looked it up and realized the egg whites needed to be put over the double boiler to get the sugar dissolved into the egg whites first. And because these sill tasted delicious with the lime and coconut, even though they were super ugly, I had to remake them! And they turned out super yummy and crisp, and if anything too inflated! (they cracked)

LITC Party 1-35


LITC Party 1-30

I also made some tortillas because I was going to make fajitas…

LITC Party 1-31 LITC Party 1-32 LITC Party 1-33

And I tried a new mix I found on Pinterest for fajita seasoning. It was good!

LITC Party 1-34

But because people were coming and going all through the night, we really just snacked (sorry sis, I know you left starving! That’s what you get for being first to come and last to leave!) ;0)

LITC Party 1-24 LITC Party 1-23 LITC Party 1-38

I also made these “jello shots” without alcohol (I saved some of the jello and added tequila…it’s still in the fridge, I’ll probably have some this weekend!) I really liked them, but they were a bit sour to suck out of the rind. I like sour…not everyone else does.

LITC Party 1-36 LITC Party 1-39  LITC Party 1-41

I wasn’t super diligent with the photo taking, but here are some highlights…Those cookies, on the bottom of the stand (with the stupid candied limes on top)…the cookies were AMAZING!!! Lime and coconut sugar cookies! (I am a bit of a theme whore…I can’t help myself!)

LITC Party 1-40

This was supposed to have a coconut whipped cream on top…but the coconut milk didn’t separate into the cream, and the milk…so I wasn’t able to whip it. But honestly, it wasn’t even needed, this pie was AMAZE-BALLS!

LITC Party 1-37

Of course I had to have a kit set up to check out! So pretty :0)

LITC Party 1-42

I also put out my loverly new resources. LOVE the desk reference! Don’t get me wrong, the pocket reference is so wonderful, but the desk reference has a lot more information, and I love that it has all the info on all the nutritional supplements at Young Living as well!

LITC Party 1-43

These are some of the things we raffled off! Two diffuser necklaces, a whole goodie basket with lots of awesomeness, a 4 oz tummy tuck cream, a raindrop massage, and then each individual oil from the starter kit! Sometimes I worry I’m too generous ;0)

All-in-all it was a lot of fun for me to talk to a bunch of people about my experience so far with these awesome oils. I am so in love with them and they are so amazing, it was nice to get together and share that with people!

LITC Party 1-44

My beauties…did I mention I’m a little obsessed? ;0)

Next week’s post wont be an oily one, it’ll be the teacher gift baskets I’m working on! Check back, I think they’re going to turn out super cute!



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