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Young Living is an amazing company. They have a ton of integrity, and their commitment to quality just becomes more and more apparent. I mean, I’m a pretty obnoxious consumer. Every time I try something new I need to know as much about that thing as I can. And they don’t only have essential oils. They also have some pretty great products that USE the essential oils. I like that because, let’s be honest, if I can get all the things I want from one single place, I’m a happy momma. (Check out this post, or this one to read more about my obsession with one-stop-shopping!) So it’s good that they have amazing customer service that puts up with my constant calls, emails, and live chats! Want an idea of what I’m talking about? One response I got was: “We were able to verify that the vanilla and cream flavoring in our Balance Complete is not derived from the anal glands of a beaver.” Yeah, I went there. I ask those sorts of questions. I read each and every ingredient and then double check if there is any suspicion. If you don’t know why I even asked that question, check out and search Beaver Butt! ;0)

So, I was trying out the “weightloss trio” (Lemon, Peppermint, and Grapefruit EOs in a capsule, taken internally) and even though it did some great things, like making me more regular (TMI, I know, but I have an issue with this, sorry!) BUT! Unfortunately I’m not a fan of peppermint. It makes me feel a little woozy. You’ve got to listen to your body when you use ANY product, of ANY kind. That’s my opinion, and my body doesn’t dig peppermint. So I had heard a bit about the Slique oil. Well, I thought I would give it a try, and when I ordered it it came with a little booklet that outlined all the other Slique products.

I was intrigued. I got them all…except the gum. I don’t chew gum. Since starting my journey to an organic lifestyle, it was one thing that was just a frivolous item I didn’t bother finding an organic option for.

I’m going to go through each item, what I liked, what I didn’t and why!

Slique Complete-2

I’m starting here because I have tried SO MANY different “protein powders” or “meal replacement” drinks, powders, whatever. I like this one. It’s vanilla, which I prefer A LOT over chocolate. But honestly, add a bit of coco powder if you like a chocolatey shake. So, as I said, I’ve tried quite a few of these. But this one has something extra: Essential Oils. Right there in it. Fantastic. It’s not only a meal replacement shake, but also a detoxing one. It’s packed with fiber, protein, and tons of fantastic super-food power! When only in water it is a little powdery tasting, and if you’re going to add it to skin milk, then don’t bother, tastes the same as in water. But if you get whole raw milk like I do…yummy! My favorite way to have it is in a smoothie though. Fantabulous. I did the two-scoop thing for two meals out of the day and it was satisfying. It wasn’t very hard to do. Lately I’ve just been putting one tablespoon in my smoothie to give it a little boost.  I’ll explain more on that at the end when I recap the whole system.

Slique Complete-5

Ok. I should have started here, since this is what started it all…I don’t like this stuff. It has stevia in it. I hate stevia. It’s gross, bitter, and NOT sweet! It tastes like an artificial sweetener even though it’s naturally derived. The blend has potential if it weren’t for that, for me. It has citrus EOs and vanilla! Yum…but the stevia is over powering. And I don’t like it. It’s suggested as a way to flavor water so you avoid soft drinks, or stupid water flavoring crap. Sorry, but I’ve never been much for those anyway. And I haven’t had soda in over two years (except a rare Virgil’s Cream Soda…yummy! Or some homemade Ginger Ale). I like water. Water is fantastic, especially when it’s cold, and I’m thirsty. Mmmmm, water. So, this stuff is not really designed for people like me. If you do like stevia, or drink too many sugary drinks, then I would suggest this stuff. But I don’t. I added some to my smoothies…it wasn’t horrible that way. But straight in water? Ew. Makes you wonder why I bothered with the rest of it…I did a little research, and aside from the gum I didn’t bother with I couldn’t see the rest being similar in taste.

Slique Complete-3

Tea. Ew. I hate tea. No joke, if you know me, you know I hate tea. I have tried and tried and tried to like tea because of the positive benefits it can have…but, alas…I don’t like the stuff. I can handle Dandelion tea. It’s ok. I’ll drink it when I feel extra bloated, but not really interested any other time. So I got this mostly for my hubby who likes tea. He’s English. He likes a black tea unsweetened with a spot of milk. This is the crazy part: I really like this tea! And he does not! Whoa. So weird. So the first time I tried it I was like “hmmm…not bad, really not bad.” it was very weird. And I’ve continued to drink it, and I really actually like it! And add a little milk and it’s even better! And my weirdo two-year-old loves the stuff too! So crazy. It blew me away! I also added a couple drops of the Slique Essence to the tea (they suggest it), and it wasn’t as good, but still wasn’t that bad. Weird. Because I also hate the Slique Essence. Just goes to show, you should always try something at least once. And don’t give up if you don’t like something the first time. I even tried Quinoa again this past weekend. It was horrid…but I tried it just in case.  I want to like healthy stuff…I do try! :0P

Slique Complete-4

Ok, I don’t take pills. I don’t even take birth control pills (I use the Nuva Ring…can’t wait for the hubs to get the snip so I can be off BC permanently!). But, I tried these. Here’s what happened…gas. Lots of it. And very regular…movements ;0P I would feel super bloated after taking them…but then after…it did it’s work, I felt completely empty. But in a good way. In that way where you feel like your insides got a detailing and now are all sparkly and clean! So…I don’t like them, but they’re awesome? Does that make sense? Worth it? I think so. For the “long run”. And if you’re putting good stuff back in your body after I think that “clean” feeling will last!


Slique Complete-6

LOVE. Love this stuff. I like how it tastes, it’s got all the goods, I have nothing negative to say about this stuff. Trust me and don’t go for the 2-pack. Get the discounted price for buying more, because you’re going to go through it. The extra bottles can stay in your spare fridge (no spare fridge? get one?) ;0P I take a shot in the morning and evening, and I throw some in smoothies. It’s good stuff. Scratch getting just the bottles, they have a pack that has bottles AND the little single serve packs! I think I need to go change my order! ;0) I’d love to have a packet in the purse for those moments you just need a pick me up…but I actually have an option for that:

Slique Complete-8

These puppies are not in the “Slique Complete” kit. But I swear to you, you need them. For any type of “diet” (as in the things you eat, not the tings you don’t). I have at least one in my purse at all times. I have this issue where I forget to eat…a lot of the time. And then my blood sugar drops suddenly, and I’m cranky, and mean, and snippy with the kids, and I get shaky and short of breath, and feel awful. But when I have those moments when I’ve forgotten, and I’m out and about, on errands, or doing pick ups, I just open one of these up and down it, and it does the trick! It gives me an energy boost, makes the shakes go away, I can breath, and feel less stressed. So especially when you’re trying something new, which for me means some slip ups, and forgetfulness, you need these!

And one thing not pictured is the Slique Bars. Because those are amaze-balls and they got eaten long before I decided to take some picture for you all! There is one in the top photo, but that was probably eaten right after ;0) I love them. They taste good, they are packed with fantastic ingredients, the kids like them too…as if I’d let their greedy little paws on my Slique Bars!! ;0) Sadly they are out of stock right now! |:’o( I’ll have to keep checking back and get loads! So you better get some if you see them in stock! I just ordered some “Wolfberry Crisp” which is apparently a different bar with some other great stuff. I’ll let you all know when I try them! But the bars are a great way to get your snacks in. I think having regular light meals, with even lighter snacks in between are a great way to keep up with your health and weight-loss goals.



There was a “Slique in 60” challenge. I failed. I was nowhere near consistent enough, and after only two weeks went on a trip to New York and I don’t do well with schedules when things change (if ever really). Did I lose weight doing this “program”? No. But I also did not add any exercise to it. And when we had our meals they could have been better. And it was only two weeks…BUT I felt slimmer. I felt less bloated, I was regular, and had more energy and just an overall sense of better-ness. I’ve continued with the powder (I just add a tablespoon to smoothies), the ningxia, I LOVE the bars when I’m not out of them, and I drink the tea. I’ve also started a great work-out program and now I have lost weight and feel better than I have in the past when losing weight by crash diets and fad crap. So I would suggest trying it out. That’s the best I can give you. If you were hoping for miracle results…well, I’ll let you know in the next month and a half when I’ve been doing it along with some exercise and consistent improved dietary changes! We shall see! ;0)

Have any of you tried any of the Slique products? What were your impressions? I’d love to hear!

And if you haven’t already, to get started with Young Living and all their wonderful products start here.

Slique Complete-7

What’s this? I just had to share. While I was distracted taking pictures to share on the post today, my little one took advantage and opened up some cereal and since she couldn’t find a bowl, she used a lunch box. And emptied the entire bag. And was closing it up to take on the road. The adorable little stinker! ;0) I thought it was hilarious, so since I had the camera out I figured I’d share it with you all!



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